Upon being newly diagnosed with Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I did what any person would do that never heard of it before; I Googled it. There were a myriad of websites explaining what it is from a professional standpoint; but nothing from the afflicted standpoint.  

I am thrilled that there is finally a diagnosis that fits me! It’s as if this diagnosis was made just for me, because let’s face it, when you read the list of all of my traumas combined…it makes me look like a pretty fucked up individual.

With that said, I’m tired of hiding in the shadows of multiple levels of PTSD, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. My disease is not an anomaly; for some it’s down right frightening or overwhelming to know it exists. For others, like me it’s a way of life.

So here I am, newly diagnosed with C-PTSD and I want you to join me on my path of recovery, treatment and my ups and downs. I’m hoping my voice can help another person afflicted with this not feel so alone in doing so. Hopefully if you have recently been diagnosed or thinking you have this, you can read my blog and maybe have some moments of “me too” or “yes that’s me”.

I have had to walk around for years with this disease, doing my best not to “look” like a train wreck. Trying to keep it together because so many people wanted me to fail, yes people wanted me to fail. Fail as a mom, as a person, as a co-worker or as a wife. The standard people are held to by others is jacked up!  Which is why I am calling my blog “Lipstick on the Pig”. Because no matter how much makeup, facades, costumes, degrees, initials after your name or plastic surgery you get…it doesn’t change how dead or gross you can feel inside. Like lipstick on a pig. 💄🐖

Welcome to my blog and adventure, as I’ve never done anything like this before. Deep breath….holy shit.

“Everything we change changes everything- We need to stop cursing the darkness and start lighting some candles!” (Batterson)

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the pig

  1. I have enjoyed this blog so much! Check out my blog page as i have nominated you for an award!

    One Lovely Blog Award

    I am very honored to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by a very lovely lady, Cheryl who writes the blog “Plucking of my Heart Strings”. Thank you so much for this nomination! Please check out her blog which is filled with great posts on a variety of topics that pluck at the heart strings and more. She’s even a fellow military supporter!

    Here are the rules for accepting the award:

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    7 Facts About Me : )

    1. I am a strong military supporter no matter the branch!
    2. I live around a bunch of SEAL’s.
    3. Somehow I am a “kid magnet.” They seek me out wherever I am to talk or play.
    4. I am a cancer survivor and fighter.
    5. I am a brain aneurysm survivor and strong advocate for that cause.
    6. I am also an Emergency and Trauma Flight and ER RN, as well as blogger, reviewer, and Wonder Woman! 🙂
    7. After living on both sides of the health care world, I am a strong advocate for families and TRUE assistance and EARLY prevention of negative encounters in their lives!

    Bloggers That I Am Nominating

    Belle Papillion – She is an AWESOME blog to follow!
    Crossfittin’ Yogi – If you want and honest, beautiful soul, FOLLOW HER!!!!!
    Ben – Living with a Blind Dog – This is one of my favorite bloggers!
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    GGABLA BLOG – I’m so glad this blog is back! You will be too!
    Shelves of Knives – I just love my book blogging friends! Great book reviews!
    Chronically Invisible – A new blog for me, and a great blog to follow her journey!
    Selected Essays and Squibs – This doctors blog steals my heart! Amazing!
    Whimsical Thread – because everyone is a poet at heart. Follow along!
    Lipstick On The Pig – I can’t say enough about this Wonder Woman! Follow her journey!

    I know that some bloggers don’t participate in blog awards, for a multitude of reasons. Please know that I understand if you do not wish to accept this nomination. This isn’t just about your accepting but also about recognition of your creativity and impressive blogging ability.


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