Art Therapy


I have always been a creative type, some of my talent is a gift from God, it’s also a gift from Joan’s high expectations of me. If I created beauty then it reflected good on her.

I have found my talents to be an outlet for my emotional pain, I create constantly in my mind. Since my mind is like the wheels of a watch constantly ticking; in order to stop the negative self talk, anxious thoughts or painful memories on instant replay..I create in my mind instead.

Which is one reason why I love the Dollar Tree! Endless opportunities for my creative outlets. However, the downside is that I desperately need a craftroom or more organized storage for my stash.

You’re creations do not have to become something jaw dropping every time. I find having a quiet house, good music, thirst quenching drink and finger snacks makes for a relaxing friendly atmosphere. Oh…bandages on hand help too if you’re using a hot glue gun. #clumsy

Let your mind soar, no boundaries and most of all HAVE FUN!

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