Pigs With Lipstick EVERYWHERE!


My personal experiences with pigs and lipstick hasn’t just been familial, I’ve experienced it almost everywhere.  I know that I am more sensitive to it and see it quicker than most people, but that doesn’t lessen the blow when it hits. In fact, it’s worse because I can’t seem to get away from it.

  • Nursing Home Pigs
  • Post-Nominal Pigs
  • Christian Pigs
  • Pigs within the Church

One of the first experiences I can remember that wasn’t a family member, was when I visited a family member at a nursing home. She was frail, deaf, on a feeding tube and near death. It was scary to see her extremely helpless yet so ignored. The pamphlets of the place showed this sunny beautiful home and everyone smiling in harmony. The entrance area is pretty and bright, the front desk person is presentable and the Director could sell a glass of water to a drowning man. If you’ve never moved someone into a nursing home, you’d have no idea what to really look for and ask.

This family members new residence was the reality of these places…dark, dingy fluorescent lighting, dirty, smells like old urine and body odor, with some faint whimpering coming from some residents rooms. The staff is equally the same; disheveled, scowled faces, smelling of stale cigarettes with sighs of disgust roaming the halls. I do not know of other countries, but I do know that in the U.S. we treat our elderly and disabled like shit! She died in this place, like so many of us on this earth died under the lipstick.

Nursing homes are a human disaster area. Over priced flee infested motels with prison quality food.My father has always told me he’d kill himself before he’d enter a nursing home, I believe him.  I on the other hand would be the elderly woman terrorizing the staff and keeping them on their feet. Needless to say nursing homes are disgraceful pigs with a lot of lipstick.


The Post-Nominal lipstick wearing pig simply amazes me. I’ve worked in medicine for over 20 years and I’ve seen it all. Doctors are humans and humans are a mess, I do not expect perfection. Yet they are professionals and some rarely act like it. What a doctor does on their own time is none of my business, as long as it’s not illicit drugs. Let’s face it, if you’re treating me and my conditions, I pray you’re sober.

I’ve wondered how or why someone becomes a doctor when they clearly hate people. Bedside manner is NOT AN OPTION. I don’t need you to be touchy feely and cuddly with me; I just need you to know what in the hell you’re doing and be nice about it. I had surgery a while back and read the doctors bio to see if he’d be worth seeing before I needed the surgery, met him and basically interviewed him and watched him closely for red flags. Not one red flag popped up, my mistake, should have had a 2nd appointment with him before accepting him as my surgeon.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was all I could think when I “came to” in the recovery room. What a complete rat bastard he was. Rude, condescending, uncaring, unexplainable…NIGHTMARE! His bio read “It is my desire to address each and every patient with the care and concern that I would give my own family. I strive to give excellent care every time.” Load of manure! The guy must be divorced and his children either disowned him or are really jacked up people, if he really treats them the same way he does his patients…God help them.

Just because someone has Post-Nominal letters, doesn’t mean they are well-educated nor have common sense. Those letters are really a window dressing and mean nothing to what the core of the person really looks like on the inside.


This meme says so much.  I am a child of God with Christian non-denominational values. I walk the talk that comes out of my mouth. I am not perfect, if I was I’d be Jesus.

I am an open book, like I’ve said before, you’ll just never know my true identity for safety purposes. I don’t mind that people love to fill up their fb page with their spiritual beliefs, I think it’s awesome.  Being proud of your beliefs means you aren’t afraid of what others will think.

However, if you’re filling up your feed with your beliefs you best have the behavior also to back it up. It’s not hard to weed out the window dressing Christian. These people don’t have much of their own nice words to say and are extremely insecure of their own thoughts. Instead of possibly being judged for their true hearts desire they plaster their feed with passive aggressive meme’s like “If you love Jesus like and share this post”. I pray harder for these Christians, because it’s painful to see how lost they really are.

These are the people who will most likely shame you, break you down instead of build you up, look down their noses at you, belittle you..then stand in front of their congregation claiming to be the best Christians on earth. Wearing their nice clothes, making sure you’re looking when they drop their money in the tithe basket and bringing their used coats in for the coat drive.

These are the same people who have told me that I’m not praying hard enough, if I did a better job praying my CPTSD would go away.  Nauseating pigs.


This one is HARD for me to be honest about, since my husband is a Pastor, I don’t want to turn you away from God. Just know that I don’t believe this to be true in all churches and definitely not in the church I’m in now.

I’ve met many people who have made it to our church because of their terrible experience at another church. By the grace of God they found us and feel at home.

Pastors, Priests and staff members can be BRUTAL on a broken person’s heart. I’ve seen judgement so deep come from these people, I struggle with my own faith, wondering why God keeps them in their positions. This is also where building someone up is so much more of what God wants and Jesus taught us to do. Tearing a person down, belittling them or shaming them is the enemy at work. I choose to meet people where they “are”, not where I think they should be. We are all equal, no one person is better nor worse than another.

Narcissism runs rampant throughout churches. Manipulation that could destroy a person’s life in one swoop.  Martyrdom is played out over and over at the fullest expense of others.  Unprofessional behaviors bordering on the verge of pure sexual harassment. Double standards, preaching that God and family should come first, but NOT if you work for the church.  Gossip like a daytime soap runs through the halls.    Last but not least, DON’T GO UP AGAINST THE LEAD PRIEST / PASTOR…you’ll have your ass handed to you.

Integrity shouldn’t be optional within the walls of a church, but it is.  The pig and the pulpit can go hand in hand.

I live by these simple facts:

  • Treat myself the way I WANT to be treated
  • Treat others the same way
  • Love is NOT conditional with giving and taking
  • Building someone up is better than tearing them down
  • Caring is easier than hating
  • Money really is the root of all evil


4 thoughts on “Pigs With Lipstick EVERYWHERE!

  1. I am an inactive pastor, and I sadly agree with so much you said. I was burned by the institution I poured almost 20 years of my life into. I became a part of a denominational system and knew its politics well. I have no fondness now for the denomination and abhor its politics. Too many good people have been ruined by the Pharisaical spirit that possesses the institutional church. I have written against it in recent days and firmly believe there can be a healthy alternative. Thank you for your transparency! May God use you to help many!


  2. I have known such damage in my life by church people and pastors – I’ve never been treated badly by my non Christian friends but oh my god christians can be cruel “in the love of the lord”. What is up with that!! I still love god and follow Jesus but I do not attend church – they are not safe places. I find Jesus in my non Christian friends every day I rarely met him – in love and grace – in church


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