Stalking Family


As I’ve blogged about before, there are “blood family” members we’ve had to end relationships with due to many narcissistic traits and unhealthy boundaries that don’t serve our family well. My husband’s family is one of them. He made a very difficult choice of ending all contact with them, and for reasons that only he can explain.

Yet no matter how much he’s detached from them, they just won’t let go. In fact, they’re reading this right now. You see they know about this blog and they follow it so they can follow what is happening in our lives. Stalk much?

So family, are you enjoying my pain? Are you enjoying reading this and then sitting around the table and gossiping about it? Are you still blaming me for my husband no longer speaking to you? Still vilifying me as the “bitch” and wall between he and you? Still pointing that finger of blame and shame? Taking NO responsibility in this?

Let me ask you this. Did you enjoy calling his boss (lead pastor) multiple times to whine about him? Did you enjoy making complaints about him to his employer, which was our church, in an effort to hurt him? Did you enjoy the shaming voice messages you left him at his job? Do you feel satisfied cutting him out of your wills and financial inheritance? Have you enjoyed hurting him passive aggressively? Satisfied yet?

AND why? You did all of this because he refuses a relationship with you? Because he wouldn’t lie to a court for you? Because he reported abuse concerns to proper authorities as he was obligated to do with his profession? Because he’s married to me?

You did all of this based on revenge and retribution. Have I been silent in this, nope. Unlike my husband I have no filter, no desire to hold the dirty secrets you have spent a lifetime hiding. What I don’t do….I don’t stalk you! I don’t follow you and I don’t involve children in your sick games. But I do blog about your bullshit and my experiences, true or not in your eyes, it’s what I’ve experienced. It’s my truth and you can’t take away my truth. I don’t use your names nor details, so calm the fuck down. You don’t like what I blog about? Simple resolution to that, STOP READING MY BLOG! But you can’t help yourself can you? It kills you to not know what we’re doing, or where were going? Then…

You TEXT him on his milestone birthday? Wow! I’m sure you’re saying to each other “we tried”…yes you tried. Pat each other on your backs…good for you! Based on his lack of response to you, when are you going to get the clue?

So let me leave you something to chew on as I end this. We’re making it in this life despite you. We’re surviving financially with our move because we have non-blood family who love us UNCONDITIONALLY! Our family consists of caring, non-judgemental, non-interfering healthy people. They offer love and support when we don’t ask for it. We are thriving and God has opened all doors for us in our path because THIS is all in His great plan. As for you…you’ve given us nothing but heartache, pain and validation that stepping away from you was the best decision possible.

Enjoy chewing on this post, but don’t choke on it as I don’t want to be blamed for more stupid shit.

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